This will be the new Early Years outdoor area, to improve provision for our youngest Nursery and Reception age children. It will allow them to build, explore, climb and develop fine motor and gross motor skills. They will use their imagination and exploration to play and learn together in a safe and exciting space, where they can interact with their peers and adults, in a pretend world of cookery, construction, emergency services, pirates or intrepid explorers.

The project will begin in August and will be completed by the 8th of October when we aim to open the new area with a special event (tbc).

We will also dedicate an area to the memory of Yusuf Jatta, our Nursery pupil who was tragically killed in a road collision in April 2017. He loved the outdoors and is sadly missed.

The company (Pentagon) are providing us with drone videos and a case study which is free so we will have videos to upload to the website soon I hope!

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