Good attendance is vital if your child is to achieve and make good progress. Term time holidays are not authorised and could result in fines being issued.
Please notify us by phone to let us know and explain your child’s absence. In order to ensure the safety and well-being of your child, we will contact you if we have not received notification from you.
The school have the right whether or not to authorise an absence. Any persistent absences with no reason given will be referred to our School Attendance Team as will any child whose attendance falls below 90%.
We monitor attendance daily and send attendance reports home with children termly.
Good attendance is encouraged and a trophy is awarded to the classes with the highest attendance in Key Stages 1 and 2 each week.
At the end of the school year, those children who have achieved 100% attendance receive a certificate and will be entered into a prize draw.


Being late for school makes it hard for your child to learn. If they are 30 minutes late each day it means they are missing a half day of school every week. If your child is late by 10 minutes a day he or she will miss the equivalent of one week’s learning in a year.

If your child arrives in school after 9.30 am – they will be marked as absent for the whole morning, this affects their percentage attendance drastically.

What to do if your child is ill

If your child is unable to attend school please inform us as soon as possible either by telephone or e-mail, leaving your child’s full details i.e. full name, class and reason for absence.  If we do not receive any information we will contact you to find out why your child is absent.

Downloadable Documents

Attendance Booklet for Parents
Attendance Booklet for Parents – Romanian
Attendance Rewards Strategy