A message from our Chair of Governors

Welcome to our page. Here you can meet the team, and see how we, as Governors of the school, work alongside staff colleagues to continuously improve the academy. We know that we have a clear responsibility to support the school team across the range of activities undertaken and to scrutinise the effectiveness of plans and outcomes.
At Hillcrest, we are ambitious for all our families, community and pupils to love their school, to work hard to gain new knowledge and to feel happy, safe and proud of belonging to our academy and wider Trust. We believe that we can best ensure we have a sound understanding and appreciation of how this is done by coming into school and seeing for ourselves, so that our knowledge from reports, meetings and conversations can come alive by observing the school at work.
There are many opportunities- seeing children move around school between lessons and at lunch times, observing particular areas of our responsibilities through learning walks, in the classroom, in the playgrounds and in assemblies, after school clubs, looking at books, hearing pupils read and seeing the children’s’ work on display. More formally we look at the key statistics such as attendance, best use of funding, behaviour, the quality and uptake of school meals, performance data and a whole array of other achievements and individual landmarks.
Being a Governor is both a special privilege and a real responsibility, it asks each of us to give generously of our time, energy and commitment. We are proud to do so.

What do our governors do?

Together with our Principal, they are responsible for making sure our academy provides a good quality education.

They are involved in lots of the decision making that ensures the smooth running of the academy but also its development.

What skills do governors need?

No formal qualifications are necessary but Hillcrest is keen to attract people in the community who can bring energy, experience, commitment and fresh ideas.

Being a governor can be very rewarding!

Despite the fact that governors are volunteers, they can get a great deal from the work and time they put in. It gives them a chance to:

  • make a difference to how well Hillcrest is run
  • see how their efforts help raise standards
  • do something positive for the next generation
  • serve the local community
  • help realise their own potential by learning new skills
  • enjoy working in a team

How much of your time is needed?

Our Governing Body meets at least once a term in the early evening. In addition, governors need to attend committee meetings, events and appropriate training. Governors are encouraged to visit our academy during the day to see us in action, and to get to know the staff and pupils. Governors usually serve for four years.

What support will you receive?

Support, training and guidance are available. If you would like to find out more about being a governor please contact the school office for an informal chat.

Name Category End of Term of Office Area of responsibility Voting Rights Business Interests Other establishments at which they govern Any relations within the academy 2018/19 Attendance 2019/20 Attendance
Peter Gruen Chair TGAT 31/12/2022 PPM / Community Links Yes Business Interests with Leeds Playhouse (Enterprises) Ltd TGAT, RHA and TSLA None 4/4 2/2
Iqbal Camalodeen Parent 02/03/2024   Yes TBC None None
Jane Dowson LEA 11/03/2023 PPM / Early Years Yes Deputy Executive Board Member (Children and Families) None None 1/4 2/2
Karen Goldthorp Business Manager 11/03/2023 Training Yes None None None 4/4 2/2
Lidia Holea Parent 31/12/2021 LIteracy Yes None None None 2/4 1/2
Lisa Attenborough Community 11/03/2023 SEND Yes None None None 1/1 0/2
Sam Done Principal n/a PPM Yes None CHTP None
Sandra Bennett Staff 11/03/2023 H & S / EYFS Yes None None None 4/4 2/2
Shamsa Mahmood Staff 11/03/2023 T & L / Curriculum Yes None None None 2/2 2/2
Sharifah Syed-Hamzah Parent 11/03/2023 Numeracy Yes None None None 2/2 2/2
Simon McCarthy Executive Principal: Primary Education n/a PPM Yes None MNA, RA, RHA and TSLA None
Sir John Townsley Chief Executive Officer n/a PPM Yes None TGAT, BA, BSA, EHC, SCITT, HA, MNA, RA, RHA, TFA, TMA, TRGA, TSLA None
Tracy Witney Community 11/03/2023 Safeguarding / Policy Group Yes None None None 1/1 1/2
Wayne Noteman Community 31/12/2020 Pupil Premium Yes None None None 3/4 0/2

*Principal’s Performance Committee
TGAT Clerk: Christine Stopford

TGAT = The GORSE Academies Trust
BA = Bruncliffe Academy
BSA = Boston Spa Academy
EHC = Elliot Hudson College
HA = Hillcrest Academy
MNA = Morley Newlands Academy
RA = Ryecroft Academy
RHA = Richmond Hill Academy
TFA = The Farnley Academy
TMA= The Morley Academy
TRGA= The Ruth Gorse Academy
TSLA= The Stephen Longfellow Academy

All company documentation relating to The GORSE Academies Trust can be found on our Trust website at www.tgat.org.uk/company-documentation