Dear Parents and Carers

As you will all remember, last month we were visited by three OFSTED inspectors who spent two full days in school with us looking at everything we do!  We are delighted to share with you our Final Inspection Report and to tell you the very exciting news that we have judged to be an OUTSTANDING school in all areas.

The first page tells us that:

  • Pupils are incredibly proud of their achievements. They value the education that they receive and say that they would not change anything about their school.
  • Pupils’ exemplary behaviour contributes substantially to the rapid progress that they make.
  • Respect and tolerance are golden threads that permeate school life. Pupils have a deep understanding of their role in a diverse community
  • Pupils are confident, resilient and self-motivated. Their highly positive attitude to their learning helps them to achieve very well.
  • Outcomes for pupils are outstanding. All groups of pupils make very rapid progress in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Every lesson counts at Hillcrest Academy. Teachers are relentless in supporting every pupil to reach their full potential

Like you, we know that Hillcrest has been on a very lengthy journey with many low and high points along the way. This achievement is a great testament to everyone associated with our school; leaders, all the staff (no matter what job they do), the governors, our parents, the community which has always supported us and most of all our amazing children.

The report also recognises the incredible work and support of The Gorse Academies Trust since January 2014, and the remarkable difference that this has made to Hillcrest over recent years.  We can now begin to enjoy the beginning of a world in which people look up to us as an example of excellence.

We hope that you agree that this is a day of celebration for Hillcrest, our community and most of all our children!

With our very best wishes,

Sir John Townsley
Executive Principal

Mark Randall

Sam Done
Associate Principal

Peter Gruen
Chair of Governors

Download the Ofsted Report