Dear Parents and Carers,Leeds City Credit Union

I am pleased to tell you about a new Savings Club for children of Hillcrest Academy which will be run in partnership with Leeds City Council Credit Union. The Savings Club will run in school every Wednesday, starting on 3rd February 2016.

Opening a First Savers account for your child is a fantastic way to help them learn how to save and teach the skills of saving through their own bank account. It has been proven that children who use a savings scheme in school and watch their savings grow often go on to save throughout their adult lives.

From deposits each week, however small, children will earn fun rewards to collect, through the Potts Family!

The Pots Family

All children joining the Savings Club will be given an individual membership number and a savings card. After every sixth deposit a ‘Potts Family’ sticker will be given. When all five stickers have been collected children will receive a special ‘Dollar the Dog’ badge.
If you would like your child to join the Savings Club, which is on Wednesdays from 3rd February, please complete the slip sent home as a letter, available to download at the bottom of this page, and hand it to Miss Wyatt.

Many thanks


Leasey Newton

Schools Co-ordinator             Leeds City Credit Union


Click here to download the letter with reply slip