We are pleased to be able to tell you about the After School Activities that we are able to offer beginning on Monday 26th September. All activities will start straight after school and end at 4.00pm. Please make sure that you collect your child at the correct door at 4.00pm.

Activity Evening Years
Dodgeball Monday After School Y3/4/5/6
Drama Monday After school Y5/6
Book Craft Monday After school Y4/5/6
Lego Monday After School Y1
Bug Club Monday Lunchtime Y3/4
Mandarin Tuesday After School Y5/6
Mandarin Tuesday lunchtime Y3
Basketball Tuesday After school Y3/4/5/6
Sign Language (BSL) Tuesday After School Y5/6
Football (Mixed) Wednesday After school Y3/4
Cinema Wednesday After School Y3/4
Mathletics Wednesday After school Y1/2
Languages Thursday After School Y5/6
Volleyball Thursday After school Y4/5/6
Bug Club Thursday After School Y1/2
Football (Mixed) Friday After school Y5/6