Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities2017-09-28T15:47:06+00:00

We are pleased to be able to tell you about the After School Activities that we are able to offer beginning on Monday 26th September. All activities will start straight after school and end at 4.00pm. Please make sure that you collect your child at the correct door at 4.00pm.

Activity Day / Time Year Groups Number of Children Leader(s)
Fitness Monday Before School (8.00-8.40) 5/6 24 Mr Harding
Handball/Benchball/Dodgeball Monday After School 3/4/5/6 24 Mr Harding
Girls’ Reading Tuesday Lunchtime Girl 1/2 12 Miss Sidebottom
Mathletics Tuesday Lunchtime 1/2 12 Miss Mahmood
Mathletics Tuesday After School 1/2 12 Miss Docherty
Mixed Football Wednesday After School 5/6 30 Mr Harding/Mr Bishop
Singing/Choir Wednesday After School All 30 Miss Street/Miss Wyatt
Mathletics Wednesday After School 5/6 15 Mrs Rayit
Dance Thursday After School 3/4/5/6 20 Mrs Bartja/Mr Holden
Music Club Thursday After School All 12 Mr Asquith
Girls’ Multi-skills Thursday After School Girls 3/4/5/6 12 Miss Breedon
Mixed Football Thursday After School 3/4 24 Mr Harding/Mr Bishop
Gymnastics Friday After School All 24 Mr Harding/Miss Breedon
Drama Friday Lunchtime 4/5/6 15 Mr Asquith
Bug Club Friday Lunchtime 1/2 12 Mrs Morgan