My name is Attia Hayee. When I was in year 5 my class were told that one of us could take part in the Leeds Children Mayor scheme. We had two people my class who were me and Ehsan but my teacher said only one of us were allowed to participate so we did a vote and everyone liked my idea which was about drivers being aware of road safety around school. So I wrote a manifesto about my idea and then we sent it to the Leeds Mayor committee. At least 51 different schools participated in this scheme. The governors and lots of other special people chose 12 manifestos that were really good. When I got a letter saying that I was in the final 12 I was so shocked that I made it so far.


When I got the good news that I was in the final 12, I was so excited my parents said that I have to do campaigning and I have to tell everyone to vote for me. All of children who were down to the final 12 had to do campaigning meaning that they had to tell everyone to vote for you. I went to different streets and did leafleting and I also put some of my leaflets in places such as libraries, shops, GPs and etc. Voting started on the 17th of July and was supposed to end on the 15th of September but it got extended to the 22nd September. I read my manifesto in whole school assembly and asked everybody to vote for me. We had a polling station at school and everybody voted.

Finals Night

Finals night was on the 27thof September 5 days after the voting finished. I went to the Civic Hall with my parents and my year 5 teacher. (I chose him because he helped me so much.) The Civic Hall was where we had the finals.  We had dinner then we were introduced to the Lord Mayor and then the final 12 had to read their manifestos out. After that we all went to the chamber room and the winner was announced and the other 11 candidates got goody bags. Unfortunately, I did not get the most votes but I still had a great time and an amazing experience. Thank you to everybody who voted for me.

Attia Hayee
Year 6 Loki