At Hillcrest Academy, we firmly believe that children have one chance, and that we have the opportunity and responsibility to create young people who have all of the skills and characteristics needed to go on to greatness. We are proud of our role at the centre of a vibrant, wonderful community, we feel privileged to welcome every child and family into our holistic will focus on ensuring that children currently living in the Chapeltown, Harehills and surrounding areas of Leeds enjoy access to a truly inspirational primary academy. We continue to show through our work in partnership with other schools and colleagues within The GORSE Academies Trust that no barrier will in any way limit either the quality of a child’s educational experience or the levels of achievement to which our children are able to rise.

At Hillcrest we establish a mutually supportive and close relationship with all our parents where trust and respect is at the heart of all we do. We aim to keep parents informed and involved in a positive way, encouraging them to be aspirational about their child’s future, and positive about their child’s education. We are proud of our family partnerships, working together to help every pupil achieve their full potential.

It is up to us.